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So...what is tantra really?

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

There is an overlap with how the word "tantra" is used in west, and how it's used in the east. This overlap causes confusion for westerners who may be wanting to learn more about authentic tantra, but what they encounter is something that is said to be tantra, but it probably isn't.

Both eastern and western tantra have to do with the flow of (sexual) energy up the body, from base to crown, which moves in pleasureable streams, ripples or vibrations.

This energy is often referred to as kundalini. The flow of kundalini energy feels very pleasant, and can take us to a heightened sense of deep bliss.

Unfortunately, that feeling can be mistaken for a spiritual awakening of some kind.

And so the confusion arises.

Neo-tantra adopts this expanded state of peace, openness and heightened bliss, and focuses on it as a source of pleasure. No harm in that, as long as it's honest.

Those good feelings can indeed enhance our physical and subtle body awareness, but they will never connect anyone to "God" or to an Awakening of the Self.

The approach at Turiya Tantra is to enjoy the blissful sensations for what they are, but to not exploit them by pretending that they have a mystical merit which they don't have.

With a more grounded and realistic approach to "tantra", everyone can have a piece of the tantra-pie - not only those who are drawn to pseudo-spiritual practices.

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