Turiya offers to join you in exploring your inner world, through connecting to your body and what it's feeling and saying.

Turiya's connection to her own body was, from a young age, disconnected and alien. Despite being strong and athletic as a young girl, she still felt lost and alone. She developed into an awkward, shy teenager; became a conservative young adult; then a daring divorcee, and finally began to heal and discover herself, in her mid-thirties.


Through working with "tantra", practicing meditation and massage and slowly nurturing an evolving connection to Heart - she began to trust her body.

"I discovered what it meany to truly feel my body from within. I began to trust what I sensed - which was something that hadn't always come easily.

Whenever I lose touch with myself, the road back is always through connecting again with that sense of myself that lies rooted in the centre of my body.

This is my invitation to you."


Turiya has been crafting her work offering, for the past 15 years.

She has adapted her work to fit with her own life, as well as the individuals she has met along the way. Her style developed organically, rather than being taught in a text book.

When Turiya discovered the wonder of subtle energy, she took courses on reiki, massage and acupressure and explored free-style dance, breath work and shaking, as doorways into feeling more pleasure and connection.

She honed her skills as a tantra practitioner, and deepened the felt sense of her body.

After a few years break from tantra work (working instead with nutrition and fresh, organic food) she wandered over to the UK - leaving friends and family behind in South Africa - to explore new worlds. This led her through times of confusion and turmoil, wrestling with the unknown path she was on, taking routes that didn't seem to lead to the happy place she thought she was heading for. Rich friendships developed in this time, but there was heartache as well.


Another brush with Tantra revived her desire to serve people on their inner journey, but the confusion around what that meant, both delighted and depleted her.


In early 2020 she embarked on an intense training, with the aim of formalising her learning.

This coincided with a time of intense stress and ill-health, followed by the arrival of Coronavirus.

Ultimately, this time of retreat and hibernation has borne fruit. Through a mixture of therapeutic enquiry, tears, and the care of friends and loved ones - the light of life has returned.

The tender shoots of bodily sensation are re-emerging.

Joy is fluttering back to life, like a small flame needing gentle attention and nurture.

And a few simple truths have become clear:

The secret to life lies within our Heart.

This essence within us, can never die. We could call it Love.

If you've lost touch - let's reconnect together.

© 2018 HEART 2 HEART. 


with turiya


Dorset, United Kingdom