"My connection to my body was, from a young age, feint and alien.

Through working with "tantra", practicing meditation and massage, and slowly nurturing an evolving connection to Heart - I began to trust my body.

I discovered what it means to sense my body from within. I began to trust what I sensed.

Whenever I lose touch with myself, the road back is always through connecting again with that sense of myself that lies rooted in the centre of my body.

This is my invitation to you."

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Turiya has been crafting this offer, for the past 15 years.

"I've continually been adapting my work to fit my own life. 

My work has also evolved through the individuals I've worked with.

My style has developed organically, rather than being formally taught.

In early 2020 I embarked on an intense training, with the aim of formalising my learning.

(This coincided with a time of intense stress and ill-health, followed by the arrival of Coronavirus.)

And so the learning continues..."

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