Tantra is a path to intimacy with yourself, as well as with a partner.

Perhaps surprisingly, it can also takes us into a new relationship with all of life.

In order to reach the ecstasy, we need to move through the darkness.

By that we mean the pain, the fears and the desires that draw us away from our own Heart. 

Experiences in life (whether from childhood, first love or marriage) can interfere with our capacity for intimacy and inhibit us from being able to encounter a lover with a fully open and trusting heart.

The degree to which we can heal our wounds and embrace our freedom will determine the extent to which we can truly, deeply connect with another.

Turiya offers the space to do this vital healing work and to explore new possibilities for more extended, soft, connected, ecstatic love-making. 


If you are wanting to learn and discover more about the mysteries of modern Tantra,

meeting with Turiya is an opportunity to dive in and do that.

Turiya Tantra - An Alternative Apprch to Intimacy


"Sex is the alchemy of two people coming together: 

with all their past experiences, trauma, insecurities, expectations, family messages, body image issues, tension, stress and fears - along with all the possibility and excitement of such a coming together."

Tantra works with all of these elements to begin to unravel the mess, to gradually remove the armour, and to open us to move more fluidly, to breathe more fully, and to learn to truly connect.

Turiya Tantra - An Alternative Apprch to Intimacy

The Experience of a session with Turiya is almost impossible to describe in detail.

It is always tailored to the needs of moment, and of the individual.

You need to decide to trust her.

Trust her heart, trust her intuition, trust her goodness.

In traditional Tantra, you hear of the  role of the woman as Goddess.

Every woman embodies the feminine, just as every man embodies the masculine.

Tantra is the coming together (or union) of  feminine and masculine,

as an inner alchemy for the individual and in the union of male and female forms,

joining in a celebratory dance of their complimentary energies.


Tantric sex is a beautiful display of this union.

Whilst Turiya is not offering any form of sexual union in her sessions, she does facilitate teaching her clients exactly what is possible in tantric union, and she will lay the foundation for any individual or couple to be able to put into practice the potent tools that will transform the performing of sex into true love-making.

Turiya has a finely sensitive intuition and wisdom which she uses to guide her sessions.

Her role is to embody the feminine and to guide you towards the expression of your own fullness.


How this presents and plays out, is often a mystery.

The invitation is to trust this mystery.