This past year has affected us all, leaving us isolated or cut off from others - perhaps having lost parts of the world as we knew it.

(For some of us, the disconnect started long before the virus struck.)


We carry this time, and this disconnect, in our body. We feel the loss.

There is a way back into connection, but we sometimes need a helping hand. This site offers two routes to finding our way back to ourselves.

We can meet to talk, and/or, we can meet to touch.

Online Connection

 We would begin, on a call, by simply chatting and building trust.


We'll talk about what's going on for you; what you're finding difficult, and what you need. We'll share. We'll connect.


Our online connection can be with or without camera.We'll talk for as long as we agree to. 

When we feel ready, we may decide to meet in person ... or, we may not.


The choice is ours.

In-person Connection

If you feel you'd like to meet, in person, we'll set our aims and intentions, and then arrange a time.

My aim is to be with you to support you in reconnecting.

Our relationship will be close, but not personal beyond the scope of a session.

Our time would be focussed on exploring your need for connection.

This would include touch of a non-explicit nature.

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with turiya


Dorset, United Kingdom